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Sagging Thighs Keeping You From Your Thigh Gap, Consider Thigh Lift

Posted on May 05, 2014 at

It is the middle of spring break and where do you find yourself?  You are probably busting your butt off in the gym, because you are unhappy of the sight of your saggy and bulging thighs. We know you took your diet and New Year’s resolution to get in shape seriously, but you still do not see the results you want around your thighs. You are not alone. It is very common for men and women to develop loose folds of skin and pockets of fat along the thighs, it happens almost too often after dramatic weight loss. Fortunately, we have the solution to help you strut your stuff on the beach, the thigh lift.

The thigh lift in Beverly Hills is designed to reduce excess skin and fat from the inner or outer thighs to improve firmness and proportion of the lower body. Most patients realize that their weight loss and diet regimen worked well to improve upper body contours but the lower body appears too loose along the thighs, so patients with weak or lost skin elasticity can reshape and tighten their legs to match the body’s contours. In some instances skin elasticity is stronger in some areas around the thighs, so liposuction alone may be an option but with the help of a thigh lift you can ensure that loose skin and fat is removed and your thighs become tightened all at once.

Some patients may be unaware about the best time to seek cosmetic surgery to resolve sagging skin issues after dramatic weight loss. Plastic surgery is designed to assist those who cannot reach aesthetic satisfaction from diet and exercise alone. Although there may be a scar or two left behind, an experienced surgeon will know how to hide them in the right locations that are not revealing. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, people who have experienced dramatic weight loss from diet and exercise or bariatric surgery can resolve sagging skin issues as long as they have maintained a stable weight. As long as you plan accordingly with your cosmetic surgeon, no longer become pregnant or subject yourself to significant weight gain, your results will be permanent.

Consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your aesthetic goals after weight loss. Thigh lifts are mostly combined with a body lift and other body contouring procedures to enhance the other skin and weight issues that cannot be achieved by diet and exercise. Contact our office to schedule a consultation and find out if the thigh lift will rightfully match your body contouring efforts.

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