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Body Lift: Post Bariatric Body Contouring

Posted on Apr 09, 2014 at

Body lift surgery is a procedure used to tighten the skin of a patient all over their body. Typically after weight loss, a large amount of excess skin is left behind that will drag a person down and having them not completely feel the results of their weight loss. A body lift can transform a person’s body back to a normal appearance so that they can truly enjoy the effects of weight loss.

Whether you are in need of a body lift because a natural weight loss through diet and exercise or have undergone bariatric surgery, the results of the procedure are dramatic. If you are ready to take control of your life and body, then call our Beverly Hills office at 310-614-9701, or request a consultation online.

Body Contouring After Bariatric Surgery

After undergoing surgical weight loss such as bariatric surgery, patients are left with an unflattering shape and unsculpted contours. Even with rigorous diet and exercise the person will be able to tone their body because of a loss in skin elasticity. This excess skin can cause the breasts to flatten, skin on the abdomen to hang below the belt line, and make skin on the arm and thighs sag. Body lift surgery will help in shaping the body by removing an excess of fat and skin and then tightening the remaining skin. Dr. Tahernia is able to give his patients beautiful results that are immediately apparent. However, the results will continue to develop and improve over the course of a year. The results of the procedure are long lasting and can be maintained by the patient easily if the follow a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Body Lift Techniques:

In some cases, a patient may not need a complete body lift and an upper or lower body lift alone will suffice. The lower body lift is the most common for patients after weight loss to seek out. A lower body lift will normally include a tummy tuck and buttocks lift that is performed simultaneously. The incision is then concealed around the waist line so that a scar will not be visible in a bikini. Patients that suffer from extreme skin laxity in the upper torso will be most benefited by an upper body lift. During an upper body lift an upper abdominoplasty and a bra line back lift are performed together to achieve the optimal results. However, each technique is individualized to the patient dependant on their needs.

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