Do you know what your complexion’s biggest foe is?

  Today is the day you face the devastating truth that your best and most delicious friend is, in fact, your complexion’s biggest foe: Sugar. It’s frenemy No. 1. Cue the tears. While the word ‘glycation’ does have the same inviting ring as ‘vacation’, it’s not nearly as nice. ‘Glycation’ is the internal process that occurs…

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Things You Can Do to PREVENT Wrinkles, Other Than Not Smiling

  There are myriad ways to prevent wrinkles without pathetically holding back from a smile, chuckle, or full on belly laugh and here they are: 1. Avoid the Sun: This should be written in a neon sign at the top of this list. Sun exposure is the number one cause of wrinkles … more than…

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Skin aging linked to lack of sleep

Bloodshot eyes and dark, puffy circles aren’t the only things you’re reaping with those late night hours. A new clinical trial by physician-scientists at Cleveland University Hospital’s Case Medical Center has found that sleep quality directly impacts skin function and aging. *yawn… wait. What?! The Director of the Skin Study Center at Case Medical Center,…

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Do Facial Exercises Work Just Like Plastic Surgery?

  Facial exercises don’t give the same results as plastic surgery, although informational websites argue compellingly to the contrary. Facial exercises are unarguably a no-cost alternative to expensive cosmetic procedures, and they take only a few minutes of dedicated time. However, medical experts at the American Academy of Dermatology say the blink-squint-grimace repetitions you practice…

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