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Breast Lift: Mastoplexy

Posted on Apr 09, 2014 at

Motherhood, breast feeding and the force of gravity are some of the main reasons that lead to the sagging and drooping of breast tissues. The fibrous bands that extend support to the breasts giving it a youthful and attractive look attenuate as the effects of pregnancy and the expansion of the breasts stretches the breast skin. Following the contraction of unsupported breasts, gravity exerts its force to pull them down and also causes the breast to droop. Apart from the effects of pregnancy and breast feeding, a significant reduction of weight and aging tends to have the same effect.

The best procedure that helps to turn droopy breasts into youthful and attractive ones is a Mastopexy, also known as breast lift surgery. This procedure can give women perkier and firmer breasts. A breast lift very efficiently tightens and repositions the surrounding skin after removing excess fat from the breasts in order to provide pleasing contours to the breast. The Mastopexy procedure can also reduce the size of the areola that has broadened with time and reposition the nipples to give a more youthful-looking bust line. Hence, a breast lift can revitalize a woman’s figure with uplifted and beautifully projected breasts.

However, the surgery is not an option for patients seeking to improve the size of their breasts and for which breast lift combined with breast augmentation surgery is required to be adopted. Breast lift surgery in Beverly Hills is a highly individualized surgery. Candidates who are bothered by drooping and pendulous breasts that have lost their shape and volume are considered fit for undergoing the surgery only if they possess stable physical health and are realistic about the post surgery outcomes. Mastopexy is mainly performed on women whose breasts are completely developed and are not planning to conceive any more children.

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