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New Arizona plastic surgery trend: Fixing belly buttons

Posted on Sep 18, 2014 at


The results of plastic surgery, including umbilicoplasty, are shown before (left) and after (right)


The Valley is a hot spot for plastic surgery, Scottsdale in particular.

And while the top cosmetic surgical procedure here is breast augmentation, many people are having a little tweaking done on a body part that is less than an inch in diameter and in actuality, is nothing but a scar: the belly button.

It’s called an umbilicoplasty — a big word for such a little bitty thing — but Dr. Pablo Prichard, chief of plastic surgery at John C. Lincoln Hospital and senior partner at Advanced Aesthetic Associates, said there is a standard for the perfect belly button.

“A study was recently done of people 18 to 65,” he said. “They were shown pictures of belly buttons and told to rate them. By far, the elongated or slightly vertical belly button was ranked the most aesthetically pleasing, and ‘innies’ over ‘outies.'”

Have you ever given your belly button a second thought? Have you ever been at the beach and said, “My that girl has a nice belly button?”

Apparently, plenty of people do. Prichard said he does quite a few umbilicoplasties, generally in conjunction with a tummy tuck or other procedure.

“Here in the Valley, we are baring parts of our body all the time and in a swimsuit nearly year-round. The vertically-shaped belly button is actually slimming, much like vertical stripes in clothing, and looks better with a bikini.”

The average cost to get that belly button in perfect shape ranges between $2,000 and $3,000. Are you looking down to analyze yours?

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