The Impact of Hidradenitis Suppurativa on Patients

HS is recognized to be significant in interfering with social interaction, job performance and attendance, and intimate relationships. Hidradenitis causes pain, itching, drainage, odor, and scarring, and may lead to marked embarrassment. There is, therefore, frequently significant emotional impact on patients and their families. A number of measurement scales have been used to attempt to…

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‘Unsubstantiated, sometimes fraudulent claims’ for cosmetic procedures using stem cells, says Review in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Advertising claims for cosmetic procedures using stem cells are running far ahead of the scientific evidence for safety and effectiveness, according to a review in the August issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). “Stem cells offer tremendous potential, but the marketplace is saturated…

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Comorbidities of hidradenitis suppurativa (acne inversa)

Abstract Comorbidities of hidradenitis suppurativa (acne inversa) were reviewed by extracting original and review publications included in MEDLINE, EMBASE and COCHRANE libraries using the terms “hidradenitis,” “Verneuil” and “acne inversa.” Follicular occlusion disorders, inflammatory bowel diseases, especially Crohn disease, spondylarthropathy, other hyperergic diseases, genetic keratin disorders associated with follicular occlusion and squamous cell carcinoma were…

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The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe’s Plastic Surgery

It’s no secret that Marilyn Monroe had surgical tweaks to perfect her beauty, though many of her fans don’t want to believe it. The right to medical privacy ends 50 years after a person’s death. Monroe’s medical records were auctioned off fall 2013 . For almost two decades, her X-rays had been kept under lock…

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Tormented over their looks? Bullied teens seek free plastic surgery from a NYC nonprofit

    Video: These teenagers say they’ve been teased and bullied at school because of their looks. They feel the bullies will never change, and so they all have decided to change themselves – through cosmetic surgery.           A nonprofit in New York has an admirable mission: to provide free plastic surgery…

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Anti-aging strategies can improve more than looks

  For many men and women older than 30, the fun of birthdays fades with aging, but experts at the University of Alabama at Birmingham offer advice on how to slow aging and boost self-esteem. “Photoaging — or the changes induced by chronic UVA and UVB exposure — is responsible for accelerating the skin’s aging…

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What are the most inflammatory foods for hidradenitis suppurativa?

Hidradenitis suppurativa, alternatively known as acne inversa, is a skin condition that primarily affects the groin and armpit (or axilla) regions. It involves inflammation of these parts of the body, along with the production of large amounts of pus, which will be found in abscesses and cysts. Sometimes, in more severe cases, these abscesses will…

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Masked Myths of Gynecomastia

Make no mistake about it, In today’s society, men care just as much about their appearance as women do. When men look at themselves in the mirror and see a chest that resembles female breasts, they panic. They are not losing their masculinity, nor their identity as a male, it is simply a condition known…

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